North Texas Wedding Planner & Coordinator

The next step in creating your perfectly curated and designed wedding day is filling out this quick questionnaire. I cannot wait to hear all about what you have mind :)

Woohoo! I am so happy you made it this far. 

This is a great question. As a wedding planner and coordinator, the list of what I do for my clients is extensive! However, there are a handful of services that I do not offer. 
Here is a brief list: 
-Assembly, set-up or repurposing of flowers or candles
-Serving of food of any kind, including cutting wedding cake
-Set-up of tables and chairs
-Bussing of tables

What won’t you do?

Absolutely!!! Anywhere you want to take me, I will go. Although I am based in North Texas, I will happily travel all over for your big day.

Will you travel for my wedding?

After you submit an inquiry form on my contact page, I will email you to set up a consultation call. During our video or phone call, we will discuss all of the information you filled out, so I can better understand your vision for your day. After our call, I will send over a proposal and contract, and if we both believe we are a good fit for each other, we will get you officially booked! From there, I will fill you in on all the next steps based on the package that you chose. 

What is your booking process?

A wedding planner typically begins working with you from 6-12+ months before your wedding and helps with the actual planning (i.e. researching and sourcing vendors, designing, etc.), in addition to event execution. A wedding coordinator typically doesn’t begin working with you until 1-2 months before your wedding after you have already done all of the planning. A coordinator’s main job is to tie up loose ends and take over vendor communication in the weeks leading up to the wedding, in addition to coordinating on wedding day. 

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator? 

To a certain extent, yes! During our initial consultation call, we will discuss your overall wedding budget and some of your vendor priorities. This will give me a better idea of if I feel like I can execute the kind of event you are wanting within the price point you are looking to spend. For reference, Stoked Weddings clients typically spend anywhere from $50-$150k on their wedding day with the average being around $75-80k. 

Can you work within my budget?

Of course! If you book my Full Service Planning package or my Wedding Management & Design package, we will take a deep dive into all of the aesthetic aspects of your event. After any in-depth design meeting, I will begin researching the vendors that I feel will best be able to execute your vision. In addition to this, I will create a mood board for your event, as well as tablescape mock-ups to better help you visual how everything will come together. 

Will you help me with the design of my wedding?


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